Services for Telecom industry

While telecom companies have witnessed an evolution in their business models, making them a comprehensive lifestyle service provider, they are increasingly facing intense competition, increased customer risk and many a times increased regulatory compliances. This has necessitated the companies to change their way of how they fundamentally look at their customers. Historical day vs. night data usage are things of the past. Our approach to Telecom companies has also evolved keeping that focus:

Customer lifecycle management

Telecom companies are the best when it comes to pushing campaigns for micro segments. Having said, the product managers and marketing department often miss the true value of the customers and more importantly it's potential value, given the evolving business model.

Customer lifetime value framework

We work with the clients in developing a comprehensive customer lifetime value and key drivers that will create the customer lifetime value. This helps in better management of CLM strategy for organization rather than tactical wins on product and service offtakes

Migrating dual SIM users

Another dimension of success for telecom companies is to make user utilize their SIM as primary service provider. We have leveraged upcoming techniques like social network analysis, predictive modeling, to solve for predicting dual SIM and then promoting service offerings to migrate them to telecom company's fold

Cross sell / upsell

Use predictive models to cross sell and upsell other product and services. this ensures deeper customer enagement and eventually a better customer lifetime value for the telecom company

Churn management

Proactively predicting and managing churn for value maximization. Not every customer leaving the organization has to be retained. We assist the telecom companies in understanding and executing, how a telecom company can use predictive insights for bettering their portfolio value

Customer experience

We have develop an automated product platform that measures the customer experience through a web based user interface. We have also leveraged machine learning driven intelligence that provides insights on promoters, their key drivers and key recommendations around improving the promoters score for the portfolio

We have also developed automated machine learning tools to do text mining and generate automated sentiment indices to keep a health check on call transcripts and other touchpoints to measure and improve customer score.