Services for Retail industry

With increasing competition and constant market volatility, retailers across the globe have moved to more scientific solutions to their traditional problems

Retailers across the globe are investing heavily in big data and analytics to drive strategic decisions and achieve operational excellence

Sutra Management’s solutions provide retailers with the opportunity to leverage different value levers across the value chain to create bottom line business impact

Strategic Planning

Sutra Management’s solutions can help retailers in Strategic Planning

Portfolio Strategy
Making strategic decisions about product development and the allocation of company resources in key functions

Store Network Planning
Understanding the geographical interaction between consumers and retail channels, to determine trends

Integrated Demand Forecasting
Forecasting taking into account past sales, product availability, seasonality factors, etc.

Corporate Wide SOPs
Assessment, development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

KPI Measurement and Reporting
Development and implementation of financial and non-financial metrics to evaluate the growth of the organization

Customer Management

Sutra Management’s solution for Customer Management

Service Quality Enhancement
Service quality enhancement involves comparison of customers’ expectations versus actual performance to improve existing service levels

Customer Relationship Management
It involves defining the principles, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers

Customer Loyalty Program
It involves designing the customer loyalty programs that reward, and therefore encourage local buying behavior


Sutra Management’s Solution for Marketing

Sutra Management’s marketing solutions help retailers across all elements of the marketing mix to create tangible value for shoppers based on actionable insights into consumer needs. Our solutions focus on the following:

Customer Insight and Segmentation
Customer insights help to understand the profile of a customer through their actual behavior and demographics

Marketing Mix Optimization
It involves optimizing advertising and promotions strategies to enhance revenues while arriving at the best distribution of cost

Promotion Strategy and Effectiveness
This entails understanding the needs for promotion, designing them and measuring its effectiveness to assess the return on investment

Web Analytics
Web analytics involves analyzing the internet usage pattern and reporting to optimize web usage


Sutra Management’s Solution for Merchandizing

Sutra Management’s merchandizing solution provides clients with the speed and quality they require for in-store selling and merchandising services to drive shopper purchases and grow brands. We conduct targeted data mining to help retailers make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and assortment management.

Assortment Planning
It involves market study, development and optimization of assortment mix to maximize revenue potential

Price Optimization
Price optimization involves leveraging various sales data to define the right pricing and promotion strategies

Markdown Optimization
Markdown analysis involves identifying markdown candidates and their price to maximize profitability over the lifecycle

Market Basket Analysis
It involves tracking and analyzing the baskets of all of its customers to identify cross sell opportunities

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sutra Management’s solution for Logistics and Supply Chain

Sutra Management’s supply chain solutions combine a process-driven approach with action to deliver measurable business value, so you can be more efficient, leaner, more agile, free up cash flow and save money.

We help retailers pinpoint improvement opportunities across the entire supply chain, from sourcing and purchasing to in-store availability management. Our solutions focus on the following:

Procurement Optimization
Procurement optimization involves aggregating short-term product requirements, evaluating it and ordering the right quantity from the right vendor at a right price

Inventory Optimization
It involves managing the movement of goods such that there is optimal utilization of warehouse space and efficient movement of goods as per their demand/supply

Distribution Optimization
It involves selecting the right source for delivery and optimization of routing of goods to retail stores to reduce costs and enhance service levels

Store Operations

Sutra Management’s Solution for Store Operations

Sutra Management’s store operation solutions help boost operational excellence in stores and across the retail supply chain. Our solutions typically focus on the following:

Store Layout Optimization
It involves designing the desired display space after taking into consideration product categories, POS data and market trends

Out of Stock Analysis & Management
It involves optimizing assortment and promotion strategies to enhance revenues and optimize cost

Retail Loss Prevention
Data mining of POS data and analyzing trends in store inventory movements to identify losses resulting from employee theft and mitigate inventory padding