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Our team of experienced Consultants and Data scientists has delivered several Analytics and Machine Learning driven engagements for 50+ global clients across various industrial sectors like Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail, Government and Public departments, and Healthcare etc. We at Sutra have helped our clients achieve their strategic goals, by translating complex business problems into Analytics driven solutions.

Our areas of expertise

Our services across functions

Our team of 60+ consultants, data scientists and experts have partnered with multiple clients to offer advisory services in areas of:

Marketing Analytics

A targeted marketing campaign can help organizations achieve higher conversions, control customer churn, enhance customer experience, and increase product penetration – while reducing marketing expenditure. We harness AI and ML capabilities coupled with our industry knowledge to generate predictive capabilities and help prepare for the future

Risk and Compliance Analytics

We have served several clients in Banking and Financial services to mitigate credit risk and operational risk, manage provisions and losses, and achieve regulatory compliance. Our rich experience in Fraud and Anti Money laundering domains has also helped our customers in managing fraudulent and suspicious transactions, ultimately increasing profitability

Digital transformation

We help clients embark on their digital journeys in the ever-evolving technological landscape. We utilize large volumes of data from digital channels to solve problems around customer behaviour and profitability. These solutions have led to enhanced customer experience and helped our clients adapt better to changing business and market requirements

Supply chain analytics

Traditional supply chain models are shifting and requires organizations to adapt to the new realities, requiring sophisticated, connected tools to drive optimal performance; enable better operational decision-making; monitor risks; predict disruptions; and support rapid recovery as part of an overall supply chain strategy. We at Sutra have helped clients develop agile models of supply chains to enable quick and easy change-management and minimize bottlenecks, both up and down stream across a supply chain

HR analytics

Analytics can help organizations internally, to manage resources in a more effective way. We have been harnessing AI and analytics to help organizations equip themselves with better means of performance management, align people capabilities and boost employee satisfaction index

Operational efficiency

Data analytics can also help companies identify other potential opportunities to streamline operations or maximize profits. It helps identify potential problems, eliminating the process of waiting. This allows companies to see which operations have yielded the best overall results under various conditions and identify which operational areas need to be improved.

Unlock more with advanced analytics / Why Sutra

Our strengths which help clients unlock valuable insights from their data.

  • Unconventional
    data sources

    Exploring unused or unconventional data sources which are not fully utilized by the organization
  • Rich

    Robust industry experience and cross-functional expertise
  • Hidden

    Ability to quickly integrate data from multiple sources and develop 360-degree marts for revealing hidden insights
  • Move to

    Developing innovative and best in class solutions for complex business problems
  • Business

    Quantifying and generating business impact not only for a function, but for the entire organization
  • Innovative

    Converting analytical insights into actions and supporting end to end implementation